An Efficient Real-Time Monitoring to Manage Home-Based Oxygen Therapy


IoT based systems are significantly different from other mainly due to the multitude of parameters they can monitor and/or control. In medical home-care, these systems can make the whole service supply chain more efficient and safer. We discuss the case study of home-care oxygen therapy where continuous monitoring systems allow real-time access to critical data of clinical process and logistics, resulting in new levels of knowledge about the oxygen delivery process: actual oxygen consumption, system maintenance needs, deviations from the Therapeutic Plan defined by the physician. This paper presents the architecture developed to manage the oxygen therapy service efficiently focusing on the oxygen cylinder. It is able to communicate differently with the different actors, depending on its status and position, and conveys the information to the person/company that will need accurate and timely information to ensure the success of the entire medical process.

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Vincenza Carchiolo; Lucio Compagno; Michele Malgeri; Natalia Trapani; Maria Laura Previti; Mark Philip Loria; Marco Toja

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27 – 29 March 2018